A.m. Creations IS...

a local sewing studio owned by a seasoned seamstress and tailor who specializes in hand-sewing, alterations, hems, quilts, children's clothing designs, and more. 

A.M. Creations provides high-quality, seamless service in the most efficient manner.  Projects are completed in a timely fashion while using widely-accepted and proficient sewing techniques. 

A.M. Creations guarantees providing the client with the best "fit".

Owner and expert seamstress, Ann, has been enjoying her craft since age 12 and has altered and created a countless number of prom and wedding dresses, tailored multiple suits, crafted plenty of "t-shirt quilts", and repaired many a hem and button!

When Ann is not sewing or completing a project, she is enjoying the company of her husband and four children, reading by a lake, taking a hike to see inspiring views, walking the puggle, playing the piano, or playing outside with her grandsons.

Ann is dedicated to following her passion, and hopes to share her skills with you.


Ann and her grandson, Landon.